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This is an innovative course unraveling the intersection of financial technology, climate concerns, and sustainable practices. Throughout this program, participants will explore the transformative role of FinTech in climate finance, evaluating its potential as a game changer and catalyst for mobilizing capital to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Singapore. The course delves into FinTech's impact on minimizing carbon footprints, blockchain's influence on climate finance, and the significance of innovative financial instruments like Blue Bonds in the emerging digital ecosystem. Strategies for raising sustainable capital and identifying indicators of success within the climate financing ecosystem are key components.

Participants will gain fresh perspectives on decarbonization, including water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and the application of emerging technologies from an Asian standpoint. The course also introduces parametric insurance for climate disasters. Finally, participants will analyze future trends in climate finance, actively shaping the landscape for long-term sustainability. This course equips participants with insights to navigate the intricate relationship between FinTech and climate change challenges in the dynamic context of Singapore.


On completion of the course, participants will be able to understand:

● Understanding: FinTech, and carbon neutrality.

● Is Fintech a game changer for Climate finance?

● How Fintech mobilizes more capital in the pursuit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Singapore

● Does Fintech minimize carbon footprint?

● Blockchain influencing Climate finance in Singapore

● Blue Bonds--issuance and trading

● Understanding Emerging digital ecosystem of climate capital

● Catalysts for Climate Finance: Raising Capital for Long-Term Sustainability in Singapore

● Indicators of successful climate financing ecosystem

● Fresh perspective on decarbonization – water conservation, sustainable agriculture with use of emerging technologies- an Asian perspective

● Parametric Insurance- micro insurance for climate disaster

● Future trends of Climate Finance in Singapore

Programme Outline

Introduction to Climate Fintech

● Understanding the Intersection: Climate, Finance, and Digital Technology

● Exploring the Role of FinTech in Achieving Carbon Neutrality

The Impact of FinTech on Climate Finance

● Analyzing FinTech's Influence as a Game Changer in Climate Finance

● Mobilizing Capital: FinTech's Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing Carbon Footprint through FinTech

● Assessing the Contribution of FinTech in Minimizing Carbon Footprint

● Exploring Blockchain's Influence on Climate Finance.

Innovative Financial Instruments

● Blue Bonds: Issuance, Trading, and their Role in Climate Finance

● Understanding the Emerging Digital Ecosystem Impacting Climate Capital.

Catalysts for Sustainable Climate Finance

● Strategies for Raising Capital to Achieve Long-Term Sustainability

● Identifying Indicators of Success within the Climate Financing Ecosystem

Fresh Perspectives on Decarbonization

● Exploring Water Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture through Emerging Technologies

● Parametric Insurance : Micro-Insurance for Climate Disasters.

Future Trends in Climate Finance :

● Analyzing and Predicting Future Trends

● Shaping the Landscape of Climate Finance.

This course provides a comprehensive overview, examining the intersection of climate concerns, financial strategies, and digital technology, offering insights into the role of FinTech in addressing climate change challenges.


All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from SEAS upon completion.

SCEM Participants will be awarded with 6.5 PDU Points


  • Neha Mehta

    Neha Mehta

    Lawyer and sustainability expert focused on ‘People’, ‘Planet’ and ‘Prosperity’. As a former international civil servant, Neha has been involved in international affairs, multilateral diplomacy, policymaking, and development efforts towards SDGs on a global scale. Founder and CEO of FemTech Partners and the visionary author behind "One Stop: The Untold Story of Super Apps." Her expertise lies in advocating for financial inclusivity, gender equality, and sustainability within the Fintech landscape. With a robust background in financial regulations and international affairs, Neha's work stands as a driving force, advocating for technology's role in reshaping finance, empowering voices, and fostering a more equitable and sustainable future in the Fintech sphere. Neha is an Adjunct FinTech Faculty at NTU, Singapore and speaks regularly at international forums.

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