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In a world where the environmental impact of our energy choices is a growing concern, optimizing fan systems for energy efficiency has never been more crucial.

Fan systems, often referred to as motor-driven fan systems, play a pivotal role in industrial and commercial sectors, serving diverse purposes such as conditioned air distribution, building & carpark ventilation systems, and even drying. From maintaining thermal comfort in buildings to ensuring proper ventilation in industrial settings, fan systems are indispensable. Furthermore, the usage of jet fans for carpark on normal ventilation mode or under fire mode are widespread in Singapore and the region. The jet fans have numerous advantages in terms of optimal resources including the increased clear height of basement carparks compared to the conventional ducted fan systems. However, the fan systems are also major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions due to their energy intensity.

To address the energy challenges posed by these systems, it becomes imperative to optimize them effectively. This optimization can be achieved by enhancing various components and, equally importantly, by reducing the overall energy output of the fan system network.

Our comprehensive two-day course has been designed to empower industrial professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle the complex task of optimizing conventional fan-driven systems as well as jet fan systems for energy efficiency. This course dives deep into the fundamental concepts that underpin energy-efficient fan systems.

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to develop good understanding of:

(a) The main components of a fan driven system

(b) Different types of fans

(c) System and fan characteristics curves

(d) Fans system energy optimisation techniques

(e) When fan purging systems are needed

(f) The use of Jet Fans as an alternative – Code Guidance

(g) Design Guidance for the use of Jet Fans

(h) Testing and Commissioning of Jet Fans System

Course Outline

Part 1

· General introduction

· Fan driven system

· Different types of fans

· Fan output power calculations

· Optimisation of fan driven system

· Affinity laws

· AMCA guidelines/standards

· Case studies and Q&A

Part 2

· General introduction

· Different Purging Systems

· Code Guidance on use of Jet Fans

· Different Types of Jet Fans

· Design guidance on use of Jet Fans

· Testing and Commissioning of Jet Fans System

· Case studies and Q&A

Target Audience

  • Singapore Certified Energy Managers (SCEMs)
  • M&E Consultants
  • Professional Engineers
  • Facility Engineers
  • Facility Managers
  • Developers
  • Contractors


  • Dr Jahangeer K. Abdul Halim

    Dr Jahangeer K. Abdul Halim

    Dr. Jahangeer K. Abdul Halim graduated with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore in 1998. He was awarded a Research Scholarship by the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1999 to undertake a research project on solar energy and was awarded a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree in 2002.

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