ISO50001: 2018 Energy Management System Implementation

Next Course Date: 18 - 20 October 2021

Course Summary

In today's world, businesses need to strike the balance between operational efficiency and energy efficient sustainable development. With soaring energy prices and increased scarcity of natural resources, pinpointing energy efficiencies - from planning to manufacturing to operations - makes good business sense.

Course Objective

At the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Better Understanding of the ISO50001 Management System
  • Concepts and requirements of ISO50001
  • Energy Management System Implementation Processes

Programme Outline

  • Fundamentals of Energy Management System (EnMS)
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance
  • Overview of the Historical Background of ISO 50001
  • Understanding of ISO 50001:2011 requirements
  • Documentation for ISO 50001 : 2011
  • Plan for Implementing EnMS
  • Establish Baseline and Energy Performance Indicators
  • Implementation of EnMS
  • Preparing for EnMS Certification
  • Practical Case Studies and Workshops Involving Real-Life Examples

Rates (inclusive of GST)

Standard: S$1,760

SEAS Member: S$1,430

SCEM: S$1,650


All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from SEAS upon completion.

SCEM Participants will be awarded with 21 PDU Points

WSQ Energy Management, Audit and Analysis

(SSG Training Grant Approved Course, available for Singaporean and PR)

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Next Course Dates

22 - 24 November 2021

9am - 6pm

Course Summary

50001:2018 / ISO50002 energy audit allows companies to adopt energy management strategies that reduce business risk and improve productivity and operations. This voluntary Energy Management System helps companies improve energy efficiency and cut costs. ISO 50001 provides a framework for achieving your energy targets-reducing the loss of energy resources, which mitigates climate change, as well as increasing company operation performance. ISO 50002 is the auditing standard that guides energy auditors to achieving the desired energy usage outcome.

Course Objective

• Ability to develop the necessary scope and objectives for an energy management system, prepare for an energy audit according to ISO50001 & ISO50002 standards

• Analyse energy audit outcomes

• Eestablish energy benchmarks and compare energy efficiency systems as best practises with the assistance of computer aided tools

• Comprehend, adhere to and review compliance to regulations, codes of practice and guidelines 

Course Outline

  • Energy consumption analysis techniques
  • Energy regulations, standards, codes of practice and guidelines
  • Energy benchmarking
  • International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 50001 and 50002
  • Computer-based analysis tools

Target Audience

  • Energy Managers
  • Management Representatives
  • Facilities/Energy Managers, Executives and Supervisors
  • Personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining an Energy Management System

Rates (inclusive of GST)

Standard: S$1,605

WSQ Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (Self-Sponsored): S$505

WSQ Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (Company Sponsored): S$505

WSQ Funding for PR Individuals & Non-SMEs Company-sponsored: S$1,275

WSQ WTS Funding (Self-sponsored): S$439


All participants will receive a Statement of Attainment from SSG upon completion.

SCEM Participants will be awarded with 19 PDU Points