Tuesday, May 17, 2022 (9 AM - 5 PM) (GMT+8)

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Singapore Sustainability Academy

180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539


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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of many factors that determine building functionality and economics. Good IAQ plays a vital role in creating a healthy, safe and productive workplace. During this one-day course, the trainer will discuss the issues and problems of poor IAQ and how the problems can be mitigated through effective HVAC system design and practices, and deployment of advanced air cleaning technologies. Strategies for containment of COVID-19 spread in buildings will be shared and discussed. Healthy people in healthy places is key to rebuilding our global economy.


The participants of this course will acquire the following skills:

  • Understanding of various factors which impact IAQ.
  • Fundamental knowledge of building related illnesses, their causes and effects.
  • Adoption of a holistic integrated approach in designing of building systems to improve occupant health and well-being.
  • Development of creative HVAC system design skills to maximize IAQ and energy performance.
  • Understanding COVID-19 pathology and transmission pathways and deployment of cost-effective mitigation strategies.

Programme Outline

IAQ: Basic Concepts and Relevance to Building Functionality and Economics

  • Economic value of good IAQ
  • Collaborative integrated building design approach
  • Indoor air pollutants and health effects
  • Environmental contaminants: Organic Compounds, Inorganic Compounds, Particulate Matter and Biological Contaminants
  • Sick Building Syndrome/Building Related Illnesses/Environmental Sensitivity

Effective HVAC System Design for Healthy Indoor Air

  • Strategies to reduce "Environmental Footprint"
  • Techniques to control indoor humidity and moisture and mould growth
  • Establishing proper pressure relationships with outdoor and between spaces
  • Design of outdoor intakes and exhaust outlets
  • IAQ Code of Practice SS 554:2009, Air-con Code of Practice SS 553:2009
  • Workplace Safety and Health Act: Your responsibilities and liabilities
  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007
  • Strategies for effective ventilation, air filtration and air cleaning
  • Strategies to counter infectious pandemics and bioterrorism
  • Demand-Controlled Ventilation
  • Special HVAC design concepts: Displacement Ventilation, Radiant Cooling, Chilled Beams, AHU with Face & Bypass Damper, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)