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Engineers/ Facility Managers who manage energy and facilities would need good foundation of how motorised driven systems work. This course provides participants with a grasp of of motor driven systems interact and the application of these systems.

Areas that will be covered include the concept of power and energy, operation and characteristics of electric motors (DC shunt motor, DC series motor, DC compound motor, induction motor, synchronous motor), motor efficiency, speed control methods, selection and sizing of motors.

Participants will also be instructed on types and key features of VSDs; driven systems, (pumps, fans, compressors, lifts and hoist, conveyor), affinity laws, sizing of motors and energy saving opportunities arising from interfacing the motor with the driven system.

Participants will also be required to complete a self-directed e-learning.


  • Identify the characteristics of motors and their effects on power quality.
  • Analyse motor driven systems to determine power quality issues.
  • Recommend appropriate corrections and improvements to mitigate power quality issues.


Participants will be issued a Statement of Attainment by SSG after fulfilling all attendance, assignment and assessment requirements

(SSG Training Grant Approved Course, available for Singaporean and PR)

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