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Sustainable Energy Start Up Network (SESUN)​​Sustainable Energy Start Up Network (SESUN)​ launched a series of training sessions for Start-ups in collaboration with Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN)​. This series consists of 4 sessions, each bringing the Start-up a step closer to their fundraising goal and be ready to do what they know best i.e to run their business. The goal is to enable Start-up from evaluating their own business plan, preparing necessary documents, to choosing the right investor and learning how to structure their own investment proposal, this series will equip start-ups with the necessary components to approach investors in a structured format.

In this session, start-up will learn about the importance of developing a good and credible financial modelling. A financial model would include statements like Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflows, and also includes metrics like IRR, DSCR, etc. Financial modelling is the language of investors and having a good FM not only gets the attention of the investors, it also indicates a level of financial shrewdness from the project developer.

Start-Up company must meet all of the following criteria to register for this programme.

• be less than 5 years old

• have a valid website

• be privately held with less than $1-3 Million in annual revenue

• have a product or solution that is validated through client's sales or beta testing

• have the means to deliver their product or solution to market


  • Nagaraja Rao (Head Investment Facilitation at Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN))

    Nagaraja Rao

    Head Investment Facilitation at Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN)